Pediatric Ocular Trauma in Quetta with Preventable Recommendations

Written By : Shaban K. Kakar Ph.D.1 ,Iftikhar Tareen FCPS2, Saif Ullah Tareen FCPS3 , Zafarullah Khan FCPS4 Prof. Abdul Qayum FCPS5, A. Samad Panizai. FCPS (Neuro)

Frequency of Success after Phaco- Trabeculectomy in Patients with Primary Open & Closed Angle Glaucoma

Written By : Iftikhar ul Haq Tareen1 , Sira Bano2 , Shaban Khan Kakar3, Saifullah Tareen4, Prof. Abdul Qayum.5

Visual Outcome after Early & Late Pars Plana Vitrectomy in Patients with Advanced Diabetic Eye Disease

Written By : Iftikhar ul Haq Tareen1 , Shaban Khan Kakar2, Sira Bano3 , Saifullah Tareen4, Prof Dr Abdul Qayum5.