Unilateral Amblyopia, its Associated Risk Factors (A Current Study)

Written By : Marium Azam, FCPS; Munira Shakir, FCPS,FRCS; Ronaq Afza, MBBS; Syeda Bushra Ali, FCPS; Muhammad Adnan, FCPS; Hafiza Rifat, MBBS;

Frequency of Myalgias in Patients taking Statins Treatment of Dyslipidemia

Written By : Zunera Jahanzeb, FCPS; Samia Kauser, FCS; Hafizuddin, FCPS; Hafiz Furqan Ahmad, FCPS; Hina Aslam, FCPS;

To compare the efficacy of Nepafenac 0.1% vs Prednisolone 1% Eye Drops in patients undergone Phaco-emulsification with intra-ocular lens (A different approach)

Written By : Ihsan Ullah, FCPS; Farukh Nawab; Abdulmajd, M.Sc;

Diagnostic & Prognostic Features of Complicated Tuberculous Meningitis on CT Scanning. (A two years study in Neurosurgery Unit of Tertiary Care Hospital.)

Written By : Riaz ur Rehman, FCPS; Muhammad Nawaz Khan, FCPS; Sohail Amir, MS; Mushtaq, M.S; Prof Shahid Ayub, FCPS; Majid Nawaz Khan, MBBS;

Postoperative Nausea & Vomiting (PONV) in Emergency Craniotomy and its Treatment with Ondansetron

Written By : Aurang Zeb, FCPS; Ahmed Zeb, FCPS; Zahid Ullah Khan, FCPS; Rahman Ullah Jan, FCPS; Prof. Parhaizgar Khan, FCPS;

Use of Scleral Graft (Auto Graft) in Corneal Perforation (A Current Study)

Written By : Zakaullah Gopang, FCPS; Safdar Ali, M.S; Shabeer Ahmed, FCPS-FPO; Naeem Akhtar, MS; Allah Dino, M.S; Vijay Nagdev, FCPS;

To evaluate the Efficacy of topical Anesthesia with Proparacaine 0.5% eye drops & Lidocaine gel for Corneo-Scleral repair in Selected cases of Open-globe Injuries.

Written By : Ihsan Ullah, FCPS; Nawab Ali, FCPS;

Pre-operative Use of Nepafenac in Maintenance of Intra-operative Mydriasis during Cataract Surgery.

Written By : Hafiza Riffat, FCPS; M. Adnan, FCPS; Asghar Ali, FCPS; Dr Abdul Sami, FCPS; Bushra Ali, FCPS; M. Muneer Quraishy, FRC OPhth;

Simultaneous Bilateral Congenital Cataract Surgery in Children

Written By : Tarique Saleem, FPCS; Khowaja Faiz ur Rab, FCPS; Maryam Ghaffar, MBBS; Prof. M. Muneer Quraishy, FRCOphth;

How much are we Protected from COVID-19 Pandemic? The Health Care Worker s’ (HCW) Perspective

Written By : Hina Aslam, FCPS, MRCP; Arslan Zahid, FCPS, MRCSI; Saba Aslam, MBBS; Aayanoor Zahid, MBBS; Zunera Jahanzeb, FCPS; Hafiz Awais Ali, FCPS, MRCP;