Modified Jones Procedure for Primary Lower Lid Senile Entropion

Written By : Prof. S. Hassan Raza Jafri , Adil Salim Jafri, Ghulam Abbas , Sadaqat Ali, M. Naeem Azhar , Shan e Rehman

Frequency of Hepatitis - B & C in Patients Undergoing Ocular Surgery in Rawalpindi (Difficulties in controlling potential carriers)

Written By : Amna Rizwan, Naila Obaid , Prof. Asfandyar Asghar

Frequency of Nutritional Rickets in Children with Lower Respiratory Tract Infections under Five Years of Age

Written By : Faridullah Shah, Samiullah, Afzal Khan, Bilal Khan FCPS, Arshad Karim, Musa Kalim

Corneal Cross Linkage in Patients with Unstable Keratoconus: Comparative Analysis of Visual Outcome after 1 Year Follow-up

Written By : Junaid Faisal Wazir FCPS, MPH/MSc (CEH) CCO,1. Fahad Ghayyor. BVS , D. of Opt., MPH., M.Phil2, Aimal Khan BVS., D of Opt.3 Zahid Jadoon. M.Phil (Epid)4 Sadiqullah FCPS.M.Sc5

Frontalis Sling for Apraxia of Lid Opening (ALO)

Written By : Prof. S. Hassan Raza Jafri FCPS, FRCS1., Adil Salim Jafri FCPS2 Ghulam Abbas FCPS3, Sadaqat Ali DOMS4, M. Naeem Azhar FCPS,5 Waqas Noor Chughtai FCPS (Neuro) 6

Awareness Level of Ocular Symptoms Caused by Smart Phone Use

Written By : Unsa Habib BS Vision Sciences, Hikmat Ullah BS. M.Phil. Vision Sciences, Yumna Tariq

Photorefractive Keratectomy a Predicative Procedure with Mitomycin – C in Myopic Patients. (Case Study)

Written By : M. Alam FCPS , Prof. Lal Mohammad FCPS , Irfan Ullah Orakzai FCPS Department of Ophthalmology, KMU. IMS., KDA Teaching Hospital, Kohat

Comparison of Astigmatism following Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery: (Superior versus Temporal approach)

Written By : Syed Amir Hamza FCPS1,Nazullah FCPS2, Asadullah Khan MBBS3 , Maria Sultan FCPS, FRCS4, Muhammad Naeem Khan FCPS5

Ocular Trauma in Children Below 16 Years’ Age admitted in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Written By : Afzal Qadir FCPS1, Ashfaq ur Rehman FCPS2, Abdul Aziz FCPS3, Mohammad Israr MCPS4

Manifestation of Ocular Involvement in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Written By : Tahira Sadaf MBBS 1 Saira MBBS2. Ayesha Maqbool MBBS3

Assessment of Intraocular Pressure Variation in Dermatological Patients on Long-Term Corticosteroid

Written By : Ayesha Maqbool MBBS1 , Tahira Sadaf MBBS2 , Dr. Saria Yaqub MBBS3

Cranial Nerves Palsy & Presenting Ocular Symptoms in Patients with Tuberculous Meningitis

Written By : Amna Malik FCPS1, Farhan Fateh Jang MD2, Muhammad Moosa FCPS3, Dure Shavar Soomro MBBS4, Prof. Nasir Raza Awan FCPS5

Prevalence of Hepatitis B & C in Cataract Patients (A socio-demographic and economic profile with nationwide hepatitis control plan and guide-lines, a community-based Study in most affected regions.)

Written By : Haroon Riaz Ph.D.1, Rizwan Saeed Ph.D2, M.S. Zari K. Siddiqui M Phil,3 Qundeel Zahra FCPS4,S. Anwar Bhatti FCPS5, Prof. M. Zahid Latif PhD 6, Prof. M. Arshad Mahmood FCPS 7, Prof. Muhammad Saeed FCPS8