Frequency of Lesions Involving Orbit at Tertiary Care Hospital

Written By : Wejai Kumar (FCPS), Nasar Khan (FCPS), Rabia K. Chaudhry (FCPS), Mehboob Dad (MBBS), Ali Zia (FCPS), Prof. Aziz ur Rehman (FCPS)

Visual outcome after Occlusion Therapyin Amblyopic Children

Written By : Madiha Waseem (FCPS), Rabia K.Chaudary (FCPS), Mehtab Mengal (FCPS), Nasar Khan (FCPS), Mehboob Dad (MBBS)

Tear Film Status in Smartphone Users Vs Non-Users: (an observational study)

Written By : Zeeshan Kamil (FCPS, FRCS), Qirat Qurban (FCPS), M. Tanweer Hassan Khan (FCPS)

The Frequency of Spontaneous Venous Pulsations & Induced Venous Pulsations in Optic Discs with Normal Morphology & its Significance

Written By : Asim Mehmood (FCPS), M. Aamir Shahzad (FRCS), Qaim Ali Khan (FCPS), Hashim Ali Khan OD. (FAAO)

Prevalence of Pterygium among Welders in Okara District

Written By : Inam ul Haq (FCPS), Misbah Durra (FCPS), Manya Tahir (FCPS), M. Arif Khan (FCPS)

Functional Outcome of Frontalis Suspension by Fox Pentagon for Congenital Ptosis with Poor Levator Function

Written By : Maqsood Ahmad (FCPS, MRCSEd), Hafiza Sadia Imtiaz (MBBS), Muhammad Sharjeel (FCPS, MRCSEd, FRCS), Muhammad Sajid Khan (FCPS, MRCSEd), Prof. Ibrar Hussain (FCPS,FRCS)

Descemet Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSAEK), Tan Endoglide vs Busin Glide (A review of 21 cases.)

Written By : Zaman Shah (FCPS), Prof. Ibrar Hussain (FCPS,FRCS)

Prognostic Factors in Corneo-Scleral Lacerations

Written By : Zulfiquar Ali (FCPS), Danish Zafar (FCPS), Khayal Afradi (M.Sc), Amir Zeb (FCPS), Faiza Ikram (FCPS)

Comparison of Mini Incision Open Appendectomy (MOA) with Laparoscopic Appendectomy (LA) in Acute Appendicitis

Written By : Abdul Wahab (FCPS), Kaleem ullah (FCPS), Shehyar Noor (MRCS, FCPS), Azam Shoab (MBBS), Zaka ullah Jan (MBBS)

Trans-septal Suturing vs Conventional Nasal Packing in Septoplasty (A study on post-operative pain)

Written By : Muhammad Ali (FCPS), Prof. Tallat Najeeb (FCPS), Adeel Niaz (FCPS), Junaid Shahzad, Nisar Akber Khan (FCPS), Maryiam Asghar (MBBS)

Glycosylated Hemoglobin in Diabetic Foot and its Correlation with Body Mass Index.(BMI)

Written By : Muslihuddin (FCPS), Maham Qazi (MBBS), Junaid Zeb (MBBS), Mohammad Zarin (FCPS., FMAS), Farah Naz (MBBS), Maria Mir Jan (MBBS)

Frequency of Malignancy in Benign Breast Lumps

Written By : Azhar Shah (FCPS), Wasia Azhar (MCPS), Misbah Durrani (FCPS)

Can Smart Phone Based Android Hearing Application Really Help Clinicians

Written By : Tallat Najeeb (FCPS), Muhammad Ali (FCPS), Nisa Siddique (MBBS), Muhammad Waqas (FCPS), Nisar Akber Khan (FCPS)

Operative Management of Chronic Anal Fissure

Written By : Azhar Shah (FCPS), Dr. Misbah Durrani (FCPS)

Treatment of Post Operative Shivering in Head Trauma, Comparison of Ketamine & Pethidine

Written By : Aurangzeb (FCPS), Zahid Ullah Khan (FCPS), Umbrin Naz (FCPS), Misbah Durrani (FCPS), Ahmed Zeb (FCPS)

Factors affecting Quality of Life (QoL) among Elderly People aged 60 to 75 years in Islamabad

Written By : Amar Javed (MSPH), Muhammad Abdullah (MSPH), Faisal Ameen (MScN)

Prevention & Treatment of Post-operative Nausea & Vomiting (PONV) in Elective Spinal Surgery with Metoclopramide & Ondansetron

Written By : Aurang Zeb (FCPS), Zahid Ullah Khan (FCPS), Ahmed Zeb (FCPS), Rahman Ullah Jan (MCPS)